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La Sarten Club, Santo Domingo

5.0 stars


La Sarten, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

I just came back from vacationing in the Republica and stayed with friends, which makes it so much better!!!

On our last night we went trolling down old Santo Domingo and had the best time, we started at La Sarten, but it was early for their standards 10pm so there wasn't much going on, we went to a couple other places and ended the night a "La Sarten" we had a blast, my friend can dance merengue, salsa, cumbias, etc on the other hand I can't, I can dance but nothing like that, it made no difference, the people are super friendly, THE ALL CAN DANCE young and old alike.

We loved the mix of ages in this place from 70s to 20s. It's very small, I think we were the only tourists, but I was asked to dance more than once even thought I couldn't even come close to the ability they displayed, but since I love to dance I had a wonderful time.

Definitely worth going, even if you don;t dance you'll enjoy watching it. [more ]

La Sarten Club

As I was staying with a Dominican friend, I had the privilege to taste the Dominican lifestyle a lot better than I could have done it staying in a hotel. My friend's father wanted us to go out with him one evening in one of his favorite bars. He took us to “La Sarten”. The place is very small, and I could tell that most of the customers were regulars. There were no tourists there. The place is very typical and I think it's great if you like salsa. I personally don't, but I had a great time there anyway. The customers were older than me, maybe around 45 years old. They were all dancing and singing and having a great evening. [more ]

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