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4711 - Traditionshaus, Cologne

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Ever wonder where the term cologne comes from? 4711 is the address where “eau de cologne” (water from cologne) was originally sold. Today, English speakers from all over the world use the word all the time, but don’t know that it is actually referring to water from the city of cologne, sold out of house number 4711 on Glockengasse. The house and the company has changed hands over the years, but the original eau de cologne is still on sale at its original location, so if you are looking for a souvenir gift from Cologne, this might be a good choice. Remember, I didn’t say it smelled great, just that it was a good souvenir for a gift. [more ]

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4711 - Traditionshaus Cologne Ein Gobelin im Geschäft zeigt die Legende der Hausnummer
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