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Hi Sushi, London

3.0 stars


Hi Sushi, fish and rules

Soho, off Oxford Street in Central London, is very popular on the weekend. Studded with small and big clubs, fluorescent lights and any kind of amusement, it's one of the most famous Londoners Meccas. I have heard the most amazing and exotic stories about Soho's weekend, from gold diggers to businessmen looking for new experiences, from dance music clubs to pizza restaurants.
So far, the only thing I have done in Soho is regularly go to stuff myself with sushi. I love any kind of raw fish rolled in steamed rice with ginger, soya sauce and fancy matching of sesame seeds, cucumber and avocado. The restaurant is Hi Sushi, in Frith Street, and it doesn't offer only sushi, but a great range of japanese noodles, soups and fried dishes.
However, since I'm somehow becoming addicted to sushi and sashimi (for sushi virgin, sashimi is just the raw fish without rice), my commitment to that cosy japanese spot is for their evening buffet, available only on the evening during the week and also lunchtime on Sunday. Basically, with less than 15 pounds you have unlimited sushi and a choice of eight other delicatessen, be miso soup or tempura or any kind of fried fish or vegetable. For a sushi lover like me, this is heaven.
I was there with some friend last night, happy and preparing myself to the sweet sight of the colorful dish when, after our order, the young samurai states impassive: "No tasting, no sharing". "I beg your pardon?", I mutter shily still deciding whether to be amazed or amused. "She ordered the noodles", attacks the stalwart waiter, "she can't taste your sushi".
And then we found out an appendix on the table with the Five Commandments of the Evening Buffet. Among the funniest ones:
1. No tasting, no sharing
2. Buffet is not take away
3. You'll be charged 5 pounds for any waste
Feeling guilty for something I had not done yet, I started tackling my sushi with less enjoyment. The food is nice, the place is cosy, but rules also in a restaurant is really too much. [more ]

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