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Olde Mitre Tavern, London

3.0 stars


Olde Mitre Tavern - Hatton Garden

This tiny pub is a hidden gem. Situated in a little yard just off Hatton Garden, it can often be an oasis in a somewhat manic area. Of course, like any pub in the City, it gets overrun at the usual times - lunch and immediately after work - but outside of those hours it's a haven. The beers are well kept, usually a couple of decent real ales with regular guests on the hand pumps. The food is honest pub grub and the service is old-fashioned and excellent - many newer pubs should take note. This is a genuine old pub; historic, quirky and atmospheric, replete with the panelling and odd little nooks and crannies you'd expect in such a place. By the way, if you don't spot the sign on the lamp post in Hatton Garden (between nos. 8 & 9) pointing into the alleyway, you will walk straight past it. [more ]

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