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Joker, Lingen

3.0 stars


Joker - the only niteclub in Lingen!

My boyfriend's parents live in Lingen so we spent Christmas there this year. He has told me a lot about Joker and the memories from this place he spent his teens and early twenties. It's the only niteclub in Lingen, so as you would imagine it's packed.

The night we went it was the night before Christmas Eve and every drink was one euro. My first thoughts upon walking in? The place is huge, it's basically a hall with four rooms and a kiosk serving pizza and other greasy food. Each room has different music, although all commercial and (nearly) all bad. It was really like every nightclub from back home (Surfers Paradise) in one place - which is definately not a good thing!

I can imagine if you're 18-20 this place would be great, but for anyone past the 'drink until I'm sick' stage it would be hell! If you are by chance, in Lingen though and want to go out this is obviously the only place (apart from a few bars). [more ]

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