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Weinerei, Berlin

5.0 stars



The Weinerei was a legend that I finally found in Berlin. The first time I had heard about it was through a friend who had heard from someone that near Rosenthaler Platz or Rosa-Luxemburg there was this bar that offered an all your could drink wine selection for only one euro. We searched for it walking up and down Torstrasse, one of the longest streets in Berlin for about an hour. I later found out it is on the corner of Zionskirschplatz and Fehrberliner strasse. Some nights the number of girls out numbers the guys by 6 to 1. The system before 8pm is still fuzzy but everything is still one euro before 8pm but I finally learned the system for after 8pm. Starting from 8pm, you pay a euro for your wine and then you can drink as many glasses as you want from a wide selection of red and wine till you leave and then you pay in what you think it was worth into a glass jar. Food is also offered at which point the entire bar lines up like in a soup kitchen. The wine bar has a fairly large French contingent. [more ]

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