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Osteria Tarantina, Berlin

5.0 stars


Eating in an Southern Italian home

This was a cute discovery. I was in Berlin for a week and have eaten here 3 times. As a regular visitor of many parts of Italy, the food here tasted authentic and homemade. There is also a sense of hospitable generosity with the place.

Full compliment must go to a lovely female staff, who wears glasses, she was very helpful, with a generous personality and always wears a big smile.
There was a talk in other reviews of a tall skinny waiter, I found him quirky, funny and very direct, he has personality and not at all rude as other reviewers have suggested.
The young lady with the glasses and the tall man with the pony tail plays good double act and really compliment the personality of the place.

The food we have tried and really liked are the soups, the pastas and the seafood (particularly the scampi and the fillet of sole) dishes.
We will definitely recommend this place to our food lovers friends. [more ]

Osteria Tarantina

The Osteria Tarantina is a hard to find hole in the wall of a tiny restaurant behind the S-bahn Hackescher Markt. It’s on one of those streets whose full name can never fit on a map because the scaled illustration is about a centimeter long and the name is longer. The restaurant has a homey feeling and is usually bustling with people. The bread they serve is chewy, warm and fresh and the pastas are well at times perfect. The waiters are also a riot and will sometimes if they find you don’t speak Italian or German will come back once or even twice to reaffirm your order spoken in German of course. Reservations don’t seem necessary if you are a party of two but might be a good idea if you want to come with a group of people.
Also grab their business card for a cute emblem of a man with a trident forking spaghetti and riding a dolphin.

Grosse Präsidentenstrasse 5 [more ]

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