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Casa de Matriz, Rio de Janeiro

5.0 stars


Sex, sounds and strobes

For enough strobe lights to make even a non-epileptic quiver, eat-your-heart-out indie music and good looking guys and gals (who are hot even in the air conditioning) - welcome to the Casa de Matriz. Upstairs and downstairs dancefloors blast out a range of classic indie, electro kitsch and modern music in this coverted house. Old fashioned arcade machines stand up in two of the upstairs rooms leaving the others for flirting and friends. Monday is indie, Wednesday reggae/breakbeat leaving the rest of the week for a mix of electro, indie and rock. Entrance is 12R before midnight. However, cocktails skyrocket in price from caprihinis at 8R. Drinks and food are marked on a card, don't lose it or you'll face a 200R fine. Find the Casa de Matriz on Rua Henrique de Novais, 107 Botafogo. [more ]

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