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Haci Abdullah, Istanbul

5.0 stars


Haci Abdullah

The Haci Abdullah is a nice place to eat Ottoman food in Beyoglu. There were a couple of surprises. One, we couldn't get a real drink in there, only non-alcoholic beverages; two, we thought it was going to be quite subdued and formal, but it was a more cheery and light atmosphere (this was a plus, the lack of beer not so much). The place seems a bit more for the locals than the tourists, which was nice because there wasn't the harrassment one often gets at tourist places. The lamb dishes were out of this world, too bad about the no beer thing. [more ]

Haci Abdullah restaurant

No alcohol allowed: this is a Muslim family restaurant, one of the best and most popular in Istanbul, founded almost 100 years ago by Haci Abdullah (whose title-Haci indicates that he made the pilgrimage to Mecca). Abdullah is no longer here of course but his legacy remains in the many jars of compotes and pickles decorating the walls and the good plain Turkish cooking ennobled by various gourmet delicacies. fixed-price menus: 15-20$ [more ]

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