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The Dame Tavern, Dublin

5.0 stars


The Dame Tavern

I absolutely love The Dame Tavern in Dublin. The thing is I would have never found it myself even though I have been to Dublin on numerous occasion were it not for my Irish friend (thanks Andy J It is tucked away from hassle and bustle of Temple street, but still central enough to get there on foot. Andy took me there on a Sunday evening, after Ireland – Wales rugby match and the place was packed. There were giant men in kilts dancing on the tables, live music which was excellent and the service was really prompt considering there were so many people in relatively small place. But what I loved the most about the place that it had just the right mixture of both locals and tourists and you can strike up a conversation with anyone. I had a memorable chat with 2 hm elderly gentlemen that were the pub's regulars by the looks of it. It is an excellent and most importantly a lively pub and if you can find a chair or a table to sit down, if you stay the night you will not be bored. Dame Tavern is situated on Dame court. [more ]

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