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Banker's, Cologne

4.0 stars


Restaurant Banker's

Check out Restaurant Banker's in Cologne. The food here is world class. Here is a great place to go for some Tapas. The other place is that the restaurant is not located very far from train station. It is located just right on the other side of Koener Dom.

What does this Restaurant have to offer? A whole lot of specials.
Monday: Come get a Koenig Pilser for only 2 euros. Tuesday: A whole kilo of Gambas for only 25 euros. Wednesday is my favorite event, they have cocktails for only 5 euros. The best two days of their weekly specials is Friday and Saturday. During this time they have lady’s night. What does this mean? Basically all the meals from the main menu and even the cocktails are only half price. This means that if you are a lady you can eat a lot and not pay a whole lot. Or if you are a guy, just take your friends who are girls and eat off of their plates.

If you are going to order a cocktail here, try and order the Zombie. This was the best drink on the menu. When I was in Cologne I almost always order this drink. [more ]

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Further Ratings (Average 3 of 5):

  • Restaurantkritik (Food): 3,42 points
  • Restaurantkritik (Value): 3 points

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