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Fitger’s Brewhouse, Duluth

5.0 stars


Brewhouse Triathlon

If you are going to be in Duluth, Minnesota on the date of August, 3 2008 then you should go and watch the Brewhouse Triathlon. The Fitger’s Brewhouse is a really awesome place to get great food and great beer (the best beer in Duluth.) This is a really awesome event not only for the great competition but also for the events that happen here. There are a lot of great t-shirt vendors and food vendors that set up shop near the race. There are also a lot of great Duluth art that you can purchase from the vendors that sell at this event. Last but not least Fitger’s brewhouse is right there, so after the race you can go grab a beer or some great food. [more ]

Fitger's Brewery

Fitger’s Brewery is located near the downtown area of Duluth, Minnesota. It is an ideal place to sit down, relax, and enjoy an ice cold beer and look at Lake Superior. Fitger’s has many old photos and collectibles which gives you a great look at Duluth and its fascinating history. There are more than thirty different kinds of beers offered at the Fitger’s brewery, and most of them taste very very good!! Fitger’s also has a very big menu of tasty food to choose from. For example, there are many different fresh water fish in Lake Superior that are served there, which are also very good. When traveling to Duluth, I strongly recomend to travel to Fitger’s to enjoy some tasty fresh water fish and some cold refreshing beer. [more ]

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