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Grinda Wardhus, Stockholm

4.0 stars


The Island of Grinda

The wind was blowing in my thinning hair, cold droplets of water were sticking to my face, and my eyes were screwed up as ice cold air clawed at my skin. I was having a ball. The sound of the engines were hardly even noticable above the whooshing of wind in my ears. A boat cut across our wake, its tall black and orange sail flapping tautly in the breeze, the words "Volvo Ocean Race" splashed across its sides. Cool.
I was on a boat called the Cinderella 1, heading to an island in the swedish archipelago, near Stockholm. The boat ride took just over an hour, at the cost of 90 krona, and there was a cafe and restaurant on board (selling the usual foods at grossly huge Swedish prices).
There are 24000 islands on the archipelago, many of which ferrys and boats take several trips to a day. I chose Grinda simply because I had heard of the food... and food is usually the only reason I travel anywhere (for breakfast that morning I ate Reindeer, so I'm afraid many of you won't get a visit from Santa this year).
The Grinda Wardhus, just a few minutes walk from the wharf, offers fine food and accommodation. It was originally built as a holiday home by Henrik Santesson, the first director of the Nobel Prize Committee. Santesson bought the island in 1906, spending the next two years building the Grinda Wardhus.
The food at the restaurant was beautiful, as were the waitresses, and was bordering on the expensive, with options starting at around 60 krona. But the sea views were what made the meal exquisite.
The island is a perfect place to wander around in the sun, but beware of ticks. These little bloodsucking insects are everywhere. If you find one, don't pull it out. Its head will get stuck in your skin, causing you all sorts of problems. Get the people at the Wardhus to freeze it first. [more ]

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