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Lalawadee Restaurant, Bangkok

5.0 stars


Lalawadee, Bangkok

I went to the Lalawadee Restaurant in Bangkok’s Ratchadamri Road area as I was look for a place that was nice but also moderately priced. I was also hoping to catch some live music. The Lalawadee was recommended as a nice place that offered a good deal, but as I approached it, it looked to be very high class. There was a lot of unique art on the walls and the menus were bounded using dark-wood panels, which made for a very nice touch. Indeed, it was so well decorated that it was definitely on a par with some of the best 5* hotels. – surely the prices were going to be through the roof?, Well I was quite shocked to find that the menu prices were not much over some of the cheapest restaurants that I have been to, and I so instantly felt that this was indeed a good choice. Food was excellent and the restaurant has both an indoor and outdoor seating area. The live music started at around 8pm and consisted of a 3 piece band with one sax player, a vocalist and a guitarist. Most of tunes were acoustic and the sound system was perfectly set up to ensure maximum appreciation of the songs. A 3 course meal including drinks came to barely 10 euros a head. [more ]

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