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Hammersmith river side pubs, London

4.0 stars


Beautiful views over Hammersmith Bridge and great pubs

I lived in Hammersmith for a few years and a great thing to do around here is to visit the Hammersmith River pubs. They are open winter as well but it becomes more popular during the summer season as there is a lovely promenade and a park nearby perfect for picnics. The promenade gets crowded with people enjoying the good weather. There are many pubs that also serve fantastic food and the houses around here are beautiful. There are great views over Hammersmith Bridge and the opposite side of the river. It is just a 5 minute walk from Hammersmith tube station. [more ]

Hammersmith river side pubs

In the spring and summer Hammersmith river side pubs in West London are a great place to go. There is couple of lovely little English pubs just by the river, on both side of the Hammersmith bridge. They have tables outside and usually they attract quite a big crowd too. If you end up staying longer than just for the classic one pint(it has happened to me here) and get hungry, the pubs also do good food. It is a great finish for a summer day to go here, sit down by the river and see the happy crowds. These pubs really are the best of the little London pubs for me. [more ]

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