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Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca

4.0 stars


Shopping in Mallorca

Needless to say, I find Palma de Mallorca the best place for shopping. They have a wide range of shops and clothes are usually very cheap. Of course, there are boutiques, which are expensive everywhere. I liked to go shopping to the cheap clothes stores, where you can practically find anything you want. The food in Mallorca is what you spend more money on. I was so surprised to see the high prices on food, compared to Germany where food is rather cheap. I suggest always buying food from the big supermarkets and avoiding the small shops at the street corners. Cigarettes and alcohol are rather cheap compared to most of the western european countries.
Remember that all shops close at 14:00 and open again at 17:00. [more ]

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1. Hostal Brondo 0.14 mi
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1. RIU 0.00 mi
2. Arenal 0.00 mi
3. Moros y Cristianos Festival 0.00 mi
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1. Palma de Mallorca/Baisaki Indian Restaurant 0.00 mi
2. Baisaki Indian Restaurant 0.00 mi
3. Bar Martin 1.01 mi
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