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Enchilada, Stuttgart

3.0 stars



We visited Enchiladas on our trip to Stuttgart one month ago. We wanted to eat mexican food and had heard that Enchiladas was the right place. The restaurant has a terrace, where they don't really have enough space for all the tables, but the interior is really nice. We ordered and had to wait for at least 20 minutes for our drinks and 40 minutes for the food. The waiters were friendly and nice, but the order took too long to get on the table. The prices are rather high, but the food is really worth it. It was delicious. [more ]

Not authentic, no surprise

Normally I get annoyed with European attempts at Mexican food, because they always, always get it horribly wrong. Enchilada is no exception, but I give them points for extra-large cocktails and food that is tasty despite not being even close to Mexican food. The menu has most of what I expected to see in a Mexican restaurant, but when the food came there was the usual lack of recognition as the dishes don't resemble anything Mexican. Still, it's edible, and the cocktails go a long way toward making up for the lack of authenticity. [more ]

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Further Ratings (Average 3 of 5):

  • Prinz: 3 P's
  • Restaurantkritik (Food): 3,6 points
  • Restaurantkritik (Value): 3 points
  • Pointoo: 2 of 5 points

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