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Christmas Market, Lübeck

5.0 stars


meine stadt

die grünste stadt im bundesland schleswig/holstein(deutschland)
ich liebe diese stadt,,,sie ist liebenswert..besonders der weihnachtsmarkt
immer ein erlebniss
det [more ]

The Christmas Market in Heiligen-Geist-Hospital

The Christmas Markets in Lübeck, North Germany, are busy and colourful affairs, with all sorts of arts, crafts, food, and drink for sale.
But no place is busier, or quite as interesting, as the markets in the Heiligen-Geist-Hospital.
Now don't worry, you won't have to clamber over hospital beds or trip over bed pans, the hospital is no longer used. It is one of the oldest institutions in Germany, and was used up until the 1970s to house old people and patients. Now it contains an exceptional restaurant and bar.
The markets are held every year for a few weeks up until Christmas, and the stall owners sell their wares from the former cubicles where the patients were housed.
But my main tip if you choose to go here is to be prepared to wait. The queue is always massive, and sometimes you will have to wait for up to an hour. And once you are inside, then the pushing and shoving begins... [more ]

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