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Bridge of Breasts, Venice

4.0 stars


Ponte delle Tette

Visit Venice's one-time red light district with a walk across the Ponte delle Tette, or Bridge of Breasts. It's a small bridge where, back in the day, prostitutes would display their breasts as a way to entice and draw in customers passing by on Gondolas below them.

This bridge will not be as packed as the ones over the Grand Canal. It's off the beaten track and makes for a fun conversation topic when talking about your trip (at least it was for us!).

But be careful as you find your way there that you don't get hopelessly lost like we did; it's found in a series of narrow, winding streets and it's easy to get turned around. It's behind the Campo San Polo. Some of the tours of the city go by this spot. [more ]

Bridge of Breasts

This is a really funny and interesting tourist attraction in Venice. It is a very old bridge, that was used by the prostitutes in the past. As I have been told, here is where the men came and picked up the prostitute that they wanted, according to the breasts. It seems that the women were showing thir breasts on this bridge, and that is where it got its funny name. The area is really beautiful, so it’s really worth a visit, if you have enough time. It’s not a real must-see. [more ]

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