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Museum Kampa, Prague

5.0 stars


Kampa Cafe and Admissions

Stop in the adjacent cafe after enjoying what is one of the best free art experiences in the city. Its roster includes Yoko Ono and Christo, and the lobby exhibitions are free—as is the entire museum on Mondays. Adults pay CZK 200 ($9.40) and students and seniors pay a mere CZK100 ($4.70) to see the both the permanent and rotating exhibitions. The building itself is really fun, and for once the ubiquitous seven flights of stairs are enjoyable to climb—some of the modern art adorns the stairwells or hangs overhead. The rooftop is worth the hike, as well, not just for the rooftop gallery but also for the views of the Kampa, the Vltava, and Stare Mesto. [more ]

Kampa Museum

A former flour mill, the Kampa Museum is the highlight of Kampa Park. From the museum, bankside views of the Vltava are far less crowded than they are from the Charles Bridge. Plenty of trees offer shade for an afternoon nap (just keep your valuables on guard) or a perch from which the over-priced gelato sold at the kiosk just outside of the park’s entrance can be enjoyed.for the Wet Drawings of 50s (and UB12) artist Daisy Mrázek. Mrázek encroaches into the area of painting, in which in her abstract compositions she overlaps and again washes off several layers, before she arrives at the final solution. You can see what ultimately washed off through the 20th of this month. [more ]

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