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Vélib, Paris

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A Paris transportation option, for the adventurous, is the bicycle. Paris now has the vélib program, where rental bicycles are stationed all over Paris. You go to a vélib station, rent a bicycle, and deposit it at another station near your destination. You don’t have to return the bike to where you got it. The cost: 1€ for a one-day ticket. You pay with a credit card. The first half hour is free. Then second half hour is 1€ and is charged to your credit card. The third half hour is 2€, and after that it is 4€ for each half hour. For short trips it is very economical. To find a vélib station near your hotel, check the vélib website: A word of caution: the traffic in Paris can best be described as chaotic. Unless you know the streets of Paris intimately, download and print a map of Paris bike routes. Paris has installed a vast network of bike lanes throughout the city, and if you plot your course using these lanes, you will have a much more pleasant cycling experience. The map can be found here: Another word of caution – if you do not return the bike, 150€ will be billed to your credit card. All that said, jump on a vélib bike and have a ball! [more ]

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