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Venice Camping Village

3.0 stars


Staying in Venice too expensive? Try a camping village!

The concept of staying in a camping village was kind of a new thing for me. I had heard of them but wasn’t that keen; now I am a convert. The off season rates plus the bus too and from the city it made an easy choice and financially it worth it.
At this point in my life I was okay without the romance of staying in old town Venice. The bus took about a half hour to get to the there, and toured through an area of Venice I wouldn't have seen otherwise. In a way it was really nice to be able to leave the craziness of Venice behind when I wanted to get some peace. The camping village I stayed at had a pool, restaurant, bar (that was closed due to the time of year that I was there) and many other amenities.
The best part was for 20 Euros a night I got my own room with my own bathroom! For the Venice area at 20 Euros a night even in the off season this is a steal!

Of course the other plus side was seeing an RV from Canada there at the camp ground, the people I met talked me into spending more time in Rome than planned which was well worth it. That said, I was quite hung over the next day but it was a very good night! [more ]

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