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SameSun Hostel, Vancouver

4.0 stars


Good place to stay good place to drink

The SameSun Hostel in down town Vancouver is maybe one of the best in town. They are rather large and manage the space they have quite well. As far as funky places go they have managed to be on top. With some really cool rooms and an awesome common area they are a haven for any young traveler. They do tend to fill up quickly in peak season so if you know you’re going to be in Vancouver book a few days early – in some cases quite a few.
The other thing that rocks about them is the stellar bar that is on the main floor of this place; AKA The Beaver. They always have a good time, the beats are cool and the drinks priced with the traveler in mind.
The SameSun at the staff at the Beaver or the Hostel are absolute top notch; after staying in a lot of different hostels in my life this one seems like a vacation.
SameSun is located on Granville Street about two blocks south of Robson Street, just look for the huge Sun. [more ]

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