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Sakura, Berlin

4.0 stars



Sakura is a Japanese chain Restaurant in Berlin but not run by Japanese. For some sushi fanatics, this makes all the difference. I guess its like eating pizza made by non-Italians. A South Korean friend told me about this place or else I would never have found it on my own. It doesn’t seem to be cool and trendy enough to get listed in guidebooks like Timeout although perhaps it is listed in other guidebooks. It’s a generic, commercial type of place that attracts a mixed group of unpretentious West Berliners. In that sense, its a welcoming place where you don't have to worry if you look cool. Between the hours of 3pm to 5pm everyday, there is a Crazy hour buffet of sushi and Chinese food for €7.20. I think this is quite a deal for unlimited sushi however generic it may be. You can also get freshly fried fish and pork made in the Japanese BBQ style.
Kaiserdamm 32 [more ]

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