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Jackson's, Edinburgh

4.0 stars



I've yet to experience service that was as perfect as what we had at Jacksons while in Edinburgh. Our server was top-notch and seemed to thoroughly enjoy his job while making sure that everything was going well as we enjoyed our three-course dinner that he had recommended for around £25. The portion sizes were generous and the food was incredible. Most of the places we ate at had delicious food, but Jacksons is close to the top of the list! This was also the place where I first tried deer meat as part of my meal – delicious! Since our visit, I have recommended Jacksons to everyone! [more ]


The highlight of this place was the scotch. The restaurant is nice, and the service was unbelievably good, but I didn't think the limited menu was anything special, and the food was okay but not great. My steak was overcooked just enough to mildly annoy me, but not enough to complain about. The atmosphere is nice, warm and romantic, and after a couple of whiskeys we really settled down and started to enjoy ourselves. the desserts were standard but good, probably my favourite part of the meal aside from the scotch. If it weren't so overpriced we might have given them a second shot, but the budget didn't allow for it. [more ]

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