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Astronomical Clock, Prague

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Touristy Fun

While in the Old Town Square, guard your purses and wallets and head
over to the Astronomical Clock (Orloj). It's a big tourist gathering,
but there is something nevertheless extraordinary about this 15th
Century structure, that is still fully operational. Go on the hour to
see the real show (no less than 50 Japanese tourists climbing over one
another to get the best picture of the figurines coming out to ring in
the 60th minute). [more ]

The Astronomical Clock

The astronomical clock in Prague is one of the main tourist attractions in that city. It is a very complicated clock on the wall of the old town hall, showing all things like the moon phase, the zodiac signs and everything one can imagine. And on every hour (only during daytime until 9 pm) some small figures appear and perform a scene. Although the clock is a very interesting device as a whole, the scene with the figures is nothing special and in my view there is no reason to stay there and wait for it in the middle of the great crowd appearing there every hour with their cameras. [more ]

Astronomical Clock

There is a big medieval Astronomical Clock located in a tower in the Old town square. Every hour four figures are set in motion, We walked fast to see the motion but we were one minute late and we missed it, so we came back one hour later, so we were punctual to see it. The figures have a representation, starting with the Death, vanity representing the figure holding a mirror, greed is represented by the men holding a bag and then the Turkish a figure with the turban, I don’t know what represents. Take your video camera to film it, don’t forget. The apostles are also represented in the clock. Watch out for some professional robbers that take you wallet while you do the paper of a tourist, a pair of wallets have been stolen. [more ]

Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock is located at the Old Town Hall and dates back to 15th century.

Our guide was quite vague about the clock's origins (me thinks he was not that well informed) so I looked up the information myself. To view Astrological Clock at its best wait for the full hour when you will be able to see the small trap opening and the procession of Jesus and his 12 apostles will come out. Meanwhile skeleton of death tolls the bell. Right underneath the clock there are signs of the zodiac, as well as stars and planets moving around the earth as well as phases of the moon. In fact it is a clock you have never seen before and the legend goes that Hanus, who was a clockmaker, was blinded deliberately by the members of council to prevent from making another clock similar to this one. He got his revenge by throwing a spanner into the clock's mechanism and that is why it did not work for hundred of years. Most probably not true, however don’t you just love these legends? [more ]

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