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Hotel Bourbon, Joinville

4.0 stars


Great business hotel

One of the first things I noticed when I arrived in Santa Catarina from Rio was that you get an awful lot more bang for your buck in the south than in the super-touristy 'cidade marivilhoso'. My first port of call was Joinville and, as I was on a guidebook writing asssignment, I was lucky enough to have the very helpful Santa Catarina tourist board arranging accomodation for me. Hotel Bourbon was an incredibly smart business hotel - having been on a bus for 16 hours from Rio, I felt super scruffy on arrival - especially with my grotty backpack complete with tent and sleeping bag (for those days when the tourist board couldn't help out!). The hotel was about a 20 minute walk from the bus station, but in hindsight I'd say it would be better to take a taxi as in the summer heat, with all my luggage, it wasn't a pleasant walk! The room was large with Sky TV and a huge window, as well as a nice bathroom, and the breakfast was great - with hot eggs, sausages etc as well as piles of fruit, cereals and yoghurts. Yum. More or less right in the city centre, the hotel also joined on to a big shopping centre, and was in easy reach of all the bars and nightclubs. For all this, the price was around Rs280 - in Rio you'd be looking at closer to Rs1,000 for the same accomodation. [more ]

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