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Konyalılar Restaurant, Antalya

5.0 stars


Konyalılar Restaurant

If you want a true taste of Turkish cuisine in Antalya, head up to the Konyalılar restaurant. It's not right in the centre of town, so a taxi might be appropriate, but believe me, the money you'll save by not eating in a tourist area will more than make up for it, and you'll get to eat amongst real Turks instead of hordes of other tourists. I eat at Konyalılar at least once a month, and the food is always amazing. The waiters will come to the table with a selection of starters; my advice is to go with the içli köfte - you'll know which one that is because it looks like a corn dog without a stick, shaped like an American football. Inside is the tastiest, juiciest ground lamb, wonderful with a bit of lemon juice squeezed over it. For a main course, I highly recommend the Iskender kebap. Turkish restaurants aren't usually great for vegetarians, but there are plenty of meat-free choices on Konyalılar's menu. Don't forget to head across the street to Akdeniz Ice Cream for dessert. [more ]

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