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Grand Canal, Venice

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Find a tiny bridge when you've finished with the big ones.

When you've had your trip on the Grand Canal, do not be afraid to go off the beaten track in Venice. This dilapidating, inimitable city does not have to be all about St. Mark’s Square, water taxis and imitation handbags. Some of its tiniest streets lead to its tiniest bridges – where nothing disturbs your quiet except the sound of a gondola gliding beneath and the slurping of the finest gelato you have ever enjoyed. [more ]

Grand Canal Transport Options

Gondolas were one of the most picturesque way to travel in Venice, but not necessarily the most convenient or practical. The Gondolas tend to go through smaller side canals as the Grand Canal is the main route for the much bigger Vaporettos. On these Vaporettos you will get to enjoy great views of the Grand Canal. We purchased a day-pass for about €10 that included unlimited rides. These boats were very crowded and mostly everyone queued and pushed to get to the seats on the front or the back. Best pick up points for a complete Grand Canal ride get at Roma Square and stop at Piazza San Marco. It will take more than half ah hour to complete the route but this will give you a chance to enjoy the superb buildings along the canal. Another means of transport through the Grand Canal were the "Water Taxis", only affordable for big budgets, and the Guided Boat Tours. [more ]

The Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is Venice's central waterway. It goes from the train station all the way through the city to St. Mark's Basin. It's about two miles long and is the equivalent of Fifth Avenue and Broadway combined in terms of renown and grandeur.

A ride on a gondola along the Grand Canal is an experience indeed! You can see the range of architecture from baroque to neoclassical as well as pass under the famous Rialto bridge. There are only a handful of bridges that cross the Grand Canal. You can also see the Ca'd'Oro - the Venetian Palazzo that shaped Venice's history and future in the 1500's. [more ]

A ride on the Grand Canal

I’m sure that most of you already know that Venice is famous for its Grand Canal. They say it’s very romantic and I’m sure it would be, but when you get in the vaporetto with 100 other tourists, I can assure you, it’s not. Nevertheless, the ride was lovely and we got to admire a pretty big part of the city. The views you get from the ship you will never get on the land. I don’t know why, but I really felt that. You only see buildings, but those are the most beautiful buildings in Venice. The Canal was called “The most beautiful street in the world” and I’m sure that it’s one of the most beautiful indeed. [more ]

Grand Canal

The grand canal in Venice should be one of the main reasons for going to the city alone. The city is basically a lot of canals. There always many Gondolas traveling through venice. It is also possile to travel by Gondola between different areas in Venice.

This Canal is the main Canal in Venice. At one point in time it used to be a major trading point for the city. To get across the canal I would recommend taking one of the three bridges since most of the boat transfer won't go across it, rather most of the transport is going straight through the canal. Taking a bridge is the fastest way.

Using transport by water in Europe is expensive, but taking a water bus in the Canal won't be terrible expensive, plus its one of the fastest means of transportation besides for the water taxis. However, the water taxis are very expensive.

I noticed that the whole canal itself seems to form an S shape throughout the city. It curves on the west side of the city and finishes just below on the east side. Many impressive buildings lay on this canal including Ca' Barzizza a house built in the 12th century. [more ]

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