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1181 Lounge, Vancouver

5.0 stars


Something a little different but good!

1181 lounge is a great place to head for a few cocktails when going out for a bigger night or just to have a good time with a small group of friends. I don’t know if it is officially up scale, but it is easy to feel under dressed in there. I find it’s more that people put thought into what they’re wearing rather than the label…
1181 is in the West End of Vancouver near English Bay, its well located on Davie Street at… you guessed it 1181 Davie. I find it a great start when I’m going out in the downtown core to something a little dressier. As a cocktail lounge in the downtown core I find it fairly reasonably priced with a great staff that always is able to come up with some creative cocktails and do the classics very well.
If I am backpacking this might not be the first place that would come to mind to go to, however if you need that night where you’re out of you’re regular traveling garb it’s a good place to start. [more ]

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