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Lotería! Grill, Los Angeles

3.0 stars


Lotería! Grill

Lotería! Grill is another one of those Mexican restaurants whose cuisine has been infused with Latin American traits, therefore you should expect your old Mexican favourites, yes, but with a bit of a twist... and not a bad twist, surprisingly enough, even for me.

Located at 6333 West 3rd Street, right in the Farmer's Market of Los Angeles, California, this place can become quite packed with hungry shoppers who just so happen to walk by. Their burritos are tightly-packed, stuffed to the core with your choice of either chicken, pork or beef, and their tacos are topped with zucchini. You can even try cactus here, as well. :D It's awesome. [more ]

Loteria Grill

I wasn't swept off my feet the first (and last) time I experienced a taste of Loteria Grill. Don't expect any different for yourself, either.

The food here is pretty much described as average, but then again, what else would you expect from a food stand in the middle of Los Angeles's Farmers Market? A long line, surprisingly enough. I'm not sure what the hype about this place is -- either the folks don't have much money after spending their day here at the Farmers Market or they're just too lazy to go to a real Mexican restaurant.

Mind you, this place is rather overpriced, as well. You can get twelve bite-sized tacos for $15.95... what the --... All of their other offerings are quite small as far as portion sizes go. Two stars. [more ]

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