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Sate Baruna, Balikpapan

5.0 stars


Sate Baruna - Restaurant

Satay is one amongst the so many well known Indonesian dishes. Grilled on charcoal, the dripping mixture of oil, spices, and fat from either chicken, beef, goat, or whatever placed on the bamboo skewers would produce such a lovely aroma that usually would make anyone who could smell it, hungry. Satay usually served with lontong/ketupat (rice roll cake either wrapped in banana leaves or coconut leaves) or plain rice with sprinkle deep fried shallots on top; with spicy yet sweet peanut sauce (depending what kind of satay you order though; there are 3 kinds of sauce for satay; sweet soya sauce with slices of onion and bird-eye chilies, peanut sauce mixed with a little sweet soya sauce, or the Sumatran style satay sauce that consists coconut milk mixture). Almost every where in any corner of Indonesia, you can get satay, and if you go to Indonesia you definitely must try satay.

In Balikpapan, East Borneo, there is a restaurant called “Sate Baruna”, and the menu they have at the restaurant are definitely two-thumbs up menu, and if I only I had more than two thumbs, I definitely would put them up as well ;-) The restaurant offers several kinds of satay and other dishes, and the cut up meats on the skewers are fairly big compare to satay street vendors elsewhere in Balikpapan (but of course the price is also more compare to those street vendors; don’t worry though, it’s still less than US$ 1 per portion). You can order your satay either with rice cake or plain rice. You can ask for either peanut sauce or mixture of sweet soya sauce, chilies, and onion slices.

Sate Baruna is located in Jalan Soekarno-Hatta Kilometer 4 just before Pasar Butun, the traditional market for fresh vegetables and fruits. If you are coming from Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, Sate Baruna will be on the right side of the street at the intersection and before Pasar Butun, but if you are coming from Ring Road, Sate Baruna will be on the left side of the street yet after Pasar Butun.

Whenever my husband and I were in Balikpapan, we would go to Sate Baruna almost every night. Our favorite orders would be the chicken, beef, cow’s heart satay served with both rice and rice cake also with both sauce of peanut sauce and mixture of sweet soya sauce, sometimes we would order Gule Kambing (goat meat braised in coconut milk, almost like a soup), and the drink would be Soda Gembira (Happy Soda; a glass of sweetened condensed milk served with syrup, soda, and ice).

If you are in Balikpapan, going to Sate Baruna is a must, just remember, this is the one in Kilometer 4 before Pasar Butun. Oh, and by the way, try the chicken intestine crispy crackers! [more ]

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