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Mary Ward Vegetarian Café, Russel Square, London

3.0 stars


Mary Ward Vegetarian Café, Russel Square

I had been to Tottenham Court Road and was taking a walk in Russel Square when I found this vegetarian café. It’s located on 42 Queen’s Square near Russel Square tube station. Holborn is also only about five minutes walk away. The café is completely vegetarian and also has some vegans options. The food is Italian and also Portugal because the owners come from Portugal. Except for the cakes that come from a Portuguese bakery in West London, everything in the café is made by them. They make walnut cakes, carrot cakes and their specialties are the pasteis de nata (custard tarts.)

The food at Mary Ward Vegetarian Café changes every day. When I was here, they served an Italian risotto with roasted vegetables, soup, and penne pasta with vegetables. I liked the vegetarian risotto, but it was usual white rice instead of Arborio rice which you normally use in risotto. Other dishes they make are Spanish omelet, and potatoes with cheese or polenta. Each day they also make different baguettes and sandwiches, but when I came here around 3pm all of them were sold out. Even though it was well over lunch time there were many people in the café. It’s quite a small room with less than 50 seats. The people coming here are mostly doctors and nurses and other staff from the nearby hospitals on Queen Square, students and other vegetarians from the area. The staff is friendly and helpful.

Mary Ward Vegetarian Café also serves breakfast (home-baked toasts, butter and jam) till 11.30am. [more ]

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