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Hotel Santa Fe, Paris

4.0 stars


Santa Fe Hotel, Disneyland Paris, France

The Santa Fe Hotel is one of the budget hotels and is the cheapest hotel you can stay in that is positioned in the actual grounds of Disneyland Paris.

Its set like a mexican pueblo surrounded by cactus. Each block is set as though in a mexican village.

Rooms are comfortable, clean and tidy with private bathroom, television and telephone.

In my opinion the Cheyanne is much better and it isnt even that more expensive as the Cheyanne is a budget hotel too.

Santa Fe seems a bit more "untidy" that the Cheyanne and not in as good condiiton. However the amount of time that you spend in the room (none as you are exploring Disney!) it doesnt really matter however for the extra I would choose the Cheyanne.

The restaurant is buffet style and the food is good.

Disney characters are seen in reception each morning, [more ]

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