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Truman Brewery, London

4.0 stars


Truman Brewery Area - Spitalfields London

The old Truman Brewery is too cool for school. Pop down there on a Sunday to see hoardes of funky, madly dressed indie kids and rockers hanging out, drinking, checking out the vintage stores or admiring the Banksy installations. This place is fantastic, mad, hip and so cutting edge you are scared you might actually bleed. Vintage stores abound, these are huge, store like monstrosoties of shops, crammed full with vintage threads - fantastic! The bars are overspilling with incredibly fashionable twenty somethigs, and everybody seems to be munching on something from one of the many food vans that smell gorgeous. You must visit this area and just have a wander round if you are nearby. Its so up and coming it's untrue, if you have an ounce of cool in your soul, get yourself there! [more ]

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Truman Brewery London altes Brauereigebäude
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