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Art Cafe, London

5.0 stars


Art Cafe – Bayswater

If you are in Bayswater or just want to go to a new place to eat for lunch, coffee or a cake or something then The Art Cafe in Bayswater is great! Outside it has a huge Haagen Daz sign and the cafe itself is white on the outside, its fairly near to Whitleys Shopping Centre. The cafe does absolutely gorgeous coffees using Haagen Daz ice cream, mmmmmm, so you can get a Belgium chocolate coffee or Baileys coffee and they are so yum, really mind blowing! They also have a beautiful range of cakes, the kind of cakes that you cant make up your mind which one to have to you have to get at least two! They do a range of foods too so its a great place to stop for lunch whilst shopping! The prices are average and the service was pretty good. Inside it looks really clean and cosy so it has a lovely ambiance away from the hustle and bustle of the high street. I found this place totally by accident and I'm so glad I did as there was so many tasty sounding/looking stuff that I wanted to try – and I did try quite a few different things when I was there! [more ]

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