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Centimetre, Vienna

5.0 stars


Centimetre again

So after leaving the castle we decide to eat at te Centimetre... we had loved the atmosphere and were really looking forward to sit, drink beer and just spend a nice relaxing evening.
We arrived and took one of the best tables... or at least a lot better than last time (if you go try to avoid the door at the entrance of the restaurant) we sat and ordered the food menu... I asked for a "Chili con carne" and Eliza asked for something made out of chicken... forgot the name. Anyway, the waiter told me that the Chili con carne was really spicy, but since I am a Mexican I thought I could handle it... and I was wrong! First of all the plate was HUGE... and then after a few spoons I started to feel the hot flavor... It was really hot, I couldn't really finish that and I am a really good hot foot eater... but well... (if do not like spicy food or you do, make sure you can handle this before you order it) Eliza's order was really good, we stayed there till night and after 4 hours we ordered some more snacks and then left at about 2 in the morning... I had an awesome time. [more ]

Centimetre II

After our long rest... we wanted to go out for some drinks so we decided to go to the place that the lady at the reception had told us... We went out and the weather was as cold as it was before... but it didn't bother me as much as before because I had my rest and a full stomach. The bar had a great atmosphere... it was completely Austrian style, with rustic wooden decorations and loads of people eating and enjoying their meal.
We sat and asked for a beer, and then after a couple of rounds, lots of talking and many cigarettes... we left back to the hotel.
The bar is completely worth visiting!!! and they charge some things by centimetres, hence the name. [more ]

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