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YO! Sushi, London

4.0 stars


YO! Sushi, Soho

London has lots of places where you can eat good Japanese food. I haven’t been to Nobu or I-Thai in The Hempel Hotel (yet), but I can give you a recommendation if you want to eat tasty sushi without needing to pay too much.

My favorite sushi bar in London is YO! Sushi. Mention one restaurant with quicker service? I doubt you can think of any because in terms of quick service (whether you eat in or take-away) YO! Sushi is unbeatable. I also like this place because of the stylish environment, the friendly atmosphere, and the fresh food. I think YO! Sushi on 52 Poland Street in Soho is the best one, but they have branches at over ten places in London. YO! Sushi serves soups, rice and noodles, salads, veggies (like Chinese broccoli or shiitake and mushrooms) and different maki, nigiri, futomaki and hand rolls. [more ]

Sushi lovers paradise

If you are a Sushi lover you would love this Sushi-Bar. As you seat by the bar a selection of sushi snacks pass in front of you in plastic packs. Food you can choose with your own eyes. You can just grab the choice of the many selections in the menu where you can see the prices. The stafff told us that the snacks are carefully replaced with fresh ones so the food is always ready-made and fresh. The prices are great and I love the fact that you can look at the food before getting served. There can be a tendency to overspent here as food is delicious. As YO!Sushi is a chain restaurant you can always check in their website for locations. [more ]

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