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Camping Paris Est le Tremblay

5.0 stars


Camping Paris Est le Tremblay

What I like to do in the summer instead of being like most tourists and getting an expensive hotel in the center of an expensive city, I like to go camping. Camping Paris Est le Tremblay is located just on the outskirts of Paris. Somehow I even enjoyed staying at this camp better than some of the hostels. The whole outdoors experience is fun and provides some difficulties that add to the whole experience of the trip. One problem we had was just finding this place. We didn’t have a proper map and probably wasted most of our day looking for the place. (We had a rental car.)

If you finally do find the place, the price for staying here is very cheap. The cost of pitching a tent here is very affordable. The price is right around 13 euros per night. If you have a few people camping with you, then the price together is very small. Probably right around 5 euros per person. Compare that to the 100 euros per night that you will spend for a small hotel room in Paris.

Getting to and from here is easier by public transportation. There is both a bus and a train. To go by bus take the 106 or the 101. By train, you can simply take the A2. I found the connections rather good and I was able to go a few times per day to the city. Just buy a day pass, so that you don’t have to pay every time you want to go to the city center. [more ]

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