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Klong Toey, Bangkok

4.0 stars


Klong Toey market, Bangkok

Klong Toey market is not really a place that is attractive to tourists, but I found myself having to take a look. Its located on the busy intersection of Bangkok’s Rama 4 road and the main highway that leads back to Asok. The market is not really a touristy place because, in the main, it is a fresh food market and a number of wholesalers buy their produce from here. It certainly has a lot of very fresh food… and even though the place doesn’t look inviting the fare definitely does. I bought some oranges and stocked up on vegetables for a fresh salad that I had in mind to prepare that evening. It is a very busy place indeed. Farmers and fisherman from many provinces come here to sell their goods as it in a well known spot. So much so that the traffic at this junction is a nightmare. I went by motorbike, which was the best way to get there. [more ]

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