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Sing Sing Karaoke, Los Angeles

4.0 stars


Sing Sing Karaoke

I have to admit that any karaoke reviews I post about United States establishments are never comparable to Japan. My experiences with all-you-can-drink all-night all-you-can-eat $25 karaoke houses in Japan are just amazing and unbeatable. That does not mean, however, that there are not some fantastic karaoke places to visit in the United States. One of these ‘oke places is called Sing Sing Karaoke, and is located on Sawtelle Blvd between Mississippi and Olympic, and while you won’t find it easily listed, it offers some of the best singing options in town. Sing Sing Karaoke is in the shopping mall with the Japanese Markets and travel shops on the East side of the street, up against a caved in wall, almost as if it does not want to be found. On weekend evenings, the prices here are pretty high, but during the week, until 8pm, I can karaoke here for $3 per person per hour, which is truly an unbeatable price, making it possible for anyone visiting Los Angeles for a few days to stop by and sing some tunes without emptying their wallets. Sing Sing offers both English and Japanese songs, and can also give out tambourines! They have never failed to have all of the newest songs I want to sing, and also feature Broadway pieces for those inclined to the theater scene. They even offer authentic Japanese cuisine, including the only okonomiyaki in West Los Angeles. The one downside to Sing Sing is that they do not offer alcohol inside and do not let guests bring theirs in, but there is a simple solution to this problem, drink before or after, and just have a good time! There are plenty of sleazy public karaoke bars in the area, but I recommend Sing Sing Karaoke to people who want to practice their vocals or just go crazy with a bunch of friends for a few hours at a completely reasonable, rare price. [more ]

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