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Club Sanctum, New York

5.0 stars


Club: Sanctum

Club Sanctum is a popular New York club. I was impressed by the attention of the people there. The DJs were always attentive in choosing the next track and did have other things to do while mixing. They didn’t let a song to play while they were smoking like in other clubs. The waitresses were always eager to serve you, were polite and prompt. I reached the club at 11 and it was pretty empty. I was afraid nobody would come so I asked the bartender and he said to wait an hour. He was right, at about 12 the place started filling up. I ordered a Wasabi Spiced Bloody Mary and it had and interesting but great taste. Most of my friends were drinking Asian inspired cocktails or rum. It was a Monday night and the DJ was mixing hip hop with folk or country with electronic. Very strange but it sounded so good that we all danced until morning. [more ]

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