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Coyote, Rome

5.0 stars


Best place to meet up Locals & Ofcourse ta tourist

I still remember this crazy place, which i regret sometime but doesnt matter its was indeed a good experience i had.. This is ta place in Rome where i lost my phone and lost all my trip pictures n videos :-(... A very good place to get drunk and go crazy.. [more ]

Close it!!!!

Very bad dico bar.If you can avoid to go there!!!
Rude staff and bad people.... [more ]


Another Testaccio hotspot, Coyote (Via di Monte Testaccio 48 B) is a
spaghetti western for the modern day. In a deliberate homage to the
Coyote Ugly bar chain of the United States, bras hang in the window,
license plates adorn the walls, and it's par for the course to see
bartenders and bar hoppers alike on the bar top. This is definitely a
place that prides itself on its debauchery (a nod, perhaps to the days
of Caligula or Fellini?) as the photos on its website will show
( However, if you're looking to date or mate in the
Eternal City, there isn't a lack of options on this two-tier bedlam.
As with any bar in Testaccio, however, they have a good security staff
and "El Vecchio Capitane" (the old captain) is on hand to keep an eye
on things. The female staff is behind the bar and the girls are
surprisingly good pours. This is one of the few places in Rome that
hasn't left me feeling stiffed when ordering a gin and tonic or vodka
and Red Bull.

They have some of the best music in the nightclub district, which
includes periodic salsa nights. Dressing up is part of the fun here,
and while heels and a skirt aren't required, you'll definitely see a
lot of hipster Italian fashion on parade here (not to mention a
plethora of cleavage). Being on the second floor with a front-side
terrazzo also helps the club and makes it seem less crowded, smoky,
and sweaty (especially great for the hot summer months). I really dig
the backdrop as well—a steep leafy cliff-cum-hill—that gives this
place a feel of being away from the craziness of the city.

Of course, if you begin to miss the crazy, just take one step back inside. [more ]

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