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Kalender, Tübingen

4.0 stars



I have noticed since living in Tuebinge that there are a lot of Doener stands all throughout all of varying quality. The price of the Doener is not also always an indicator of the quality. One doener stand located within the altstadt (old city) of Tuebingen changes its price daily between 2 and 2.50 euros. I have tried almost all the different Doener stand in Tuebingen and have come to the conclusion that Kalender located right by the Neckar bridge and directly across from Neckarmueller. This shop is located late at night at honestly has the best Doener Kebabs in Tuebingen. They also have lots of Red Cabbage to add to your Kebab. Something about this place has made me come back more and more for the best Doener Kebabs in Tuebingen.
Besides for Tuebingen they have one more location in Reutlingen that is of the same quality. [more ]

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