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Denny's Restaurants, Auckland

5.0 stars


The Auckland Denny's Experience

Denny's Restaurants are a relatively new thing in New Zealand. The premise is simple, American Diner food in an American diner setting, open 24 hours a day. Who wouldn't be a fan of that?
The Denny's story begins in 1953, in Lakewood California, with a coffee shop called Denny's Donuts. The idea behind the shop was to make the best cup of coffee, to give the best service, to keep everything spotless, to offer the best value, and to stay open 24 hours a day. Soon the owners opened more coffee shops, and started selling sandwiches. Soon more food followed, and a dozen full 24 hour restaurants opened across America. Now there are over 2000 Denny's Restaurants around the world.
The first Denny's in New Zealand opened in 1988, in the South Auckland suburb of Manakau. Over the following years, four more Denny's opened in the city, covering all the points of the compass, with Highland Park in the uppercrust east Auckland, Wairau Park in the North (over the Auckland Harbour Bridge), and New Lynn in the West. A central restaurant near the Sky Tower also opened a few years ago. Denny's also have outlets in Christchurch and Wellington.
The meals are, well, high in cholesterol, but very satisfying. And there is something special about being able to walk into a place at 3am and order a full meal. Which brings me to something I feel very proud of. I once ate at Denny's in Auckland 29 times in 26 days. I think that kinda makes me an expert on their menu. Or crazy. Or extremely fat.
All day breakfasts such as the Grand Slam, the Lumber Jack Slam, and the Kiwi Slam give you all the bacon and eggs and sausages you could want. Ever. Club sandwiches and burgers provide the cholesterol that people keep telling me is bad, but I have yet to see any proof (although, to tell you the truth, I haven't seen my feet for a couple of years either). And the Satay Roll, a delicious chicken sandwich, is the best thing on the menu.
There are also main meals served with salad or veges (and fries or potatos) including variations of chicken, steak, pork, turkey, fish, and indian curries. Desserts include sundaes, banana splits, banana fritters, hot fudge cake, and wafer thin mints (I guess only Monty Python fans will get that joke).
Meals cost between $12 and $17, and desserts cost around $8.
You may leave looking a bit larger around the waist (perhaps large enough to have your very own moon and gravitational pull), but at least you won't be hungry. And you could always go back for breakfast, and second breakfast, and morning tea, and lunch, and... [more ]

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