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Barra da Lagao, Florianópolis

4.0 stars


Argh - the tent!

So the day had finally arrived - I wanted to check out the Barra da Lagao area of Ilha da Santa Catarina, and, with no chance of a tourist board freebie, I was going to have to rough it. Having jumped off the bus by the beach, we found it was a torturous 40 minute walk (ok, it would usually be about 20 but we got lost!) to the campsite - with heavy backpacks and the beating sun this was not really a pleasant stroll! The campsite itself was basic but clean, with a peacock strolling around, and a very friendly owner. To pitch a tent cost Rs10 per person, which was about all we could afford! There was a nice atmosphere, with a mix of families and hard-up Brazilian and Argentinian backpackers, and the place felt very safe - the owner will guard your valuables if you have any doubts. [more ]

Barra da Lagoa

If you're looking for a white sand beach, cafes on the sands, and plentiful places to stay and eat, Barra da Lagoa is perfect. The area is popular with backpackers - in fact there's a huge hostel across the bridge at the bottom of the beach - and the atmosphere is laid back and relaxed. There's a good campsite - Fortaleza da Barra, and countless pousadas. Look out for the stands selling wholemeal pasties with fillings such as palm heart and sundried tomato with ricotta. Delicious, and at just a couple of reais each, a bit of a bargain. There are plenty of beach cafe bars too, but things get pretty quiet at night, even in high season. Quiet, that is, apart from the marauding gangs of dogs who terrorise people trying to have a quiet walk along the beach! [more ]

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