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Bang Bang Club, Berlin

5.0 stars


Bang Bang Club - and indie music lovers dream club

Bang Bang club is smack bang in the tourist area of Hackescher Markt - but enter and you'd never guess it. Right outside the S Bahnhof station is the entrance. It's normally 5 euro or 3 before 12am. If you like Indie, Britpop, 60s, Soul, Mod, Rock ’n’ Roll or Jazz this is your place! Every friday night from January 2008 a 'Death By Pop' night is held with awesome DJs upstairs and then one off DJs downstairs. This is my favourite night.

The only downside is the only beer they have is Heineken (yuck!) and the spirits are a little expensive. They also host band members Djing - just recently a member of Bloc Party hosted the night, now THAT is something you can't miss! [more ]

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Bang Bang Club Berlin
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