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House of the Wannsee Conference, Berlin

4.0 stars


Wahnsee, a deeper meaning

When in the area of Berlin, check out the Wahnsee Conference. During my study abroad exchange program in Germany, we took a tour to Berlin, but first we needed to make a stop at the Wahnsee. The Wahnsee Conference is right next to a lake. The whole area is peaceful and quiet. However, the area has a darker, yet deeper importance to it. This house or more of a mansion was where the decision to get rid of the Jewish people during the Second World War era took place. This house has been converted into a museum. This museum contains lots of history facts and some artefacts that try to explain how the tension between the German people and the Jewish people built up to the point that the Conference at the Wahnsee would even take place. The museum brings up many important facts as well leaves you at the end scratching your head, while at the same realizing how such a deadly decision could have taken place.

Many people have gone there in tears saying that is where the fate of their grandparents was decided. I enjoyed not only the museum and the racial issues it presents, but also the nice there surrounding the area. There is also a nice ice cream shop just a few meters away as well as a place to sit by the lake. While you are already in the area, make a trip over to Potsdam that is also around the area. This small town is the host to Fredrick the Great’s Palace as well as a small town center. [more ]

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