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Marrakech/Jardin Majorelle and Islamic Art Museum

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enjoy the colours of Marrakech

at the beautiful Jardin Majorelle. I went in January but the colours of the walls, pots and planting were still breathtaking. It must be even more stunning when the season is warmer. Created by landscape painter Jacques Mojorelle in 1924, later bought by Yves Saint Laurent and partner to revive and maintain it. Very nicely kept, friendly and not overwhelming staff (makes a good break from the hubub in the Medina!) We started with a coffee (a lovely Illy one!) and loved the cafe so much we stayed for lunch after our leisurely tour of the gardens, which was delicious and not overly expensive. admission 20dhs. www.jardinmajorelle [more ]

Jardin Majorelle and Islamic Art Museum

I really loved the Jardin Majorelle and therefore, strongly recommend visiting it. It's a lovely botanical park, with plants from all over the world. There are many different species of cactus. My boyfriend was amazed, as he loves cactuses. I liked the ocean plants more, even if the whole garden is worth seeing. Right inside the garden, there is a small cute blue building, which hosts the Museum of Islamic Art. The entrance fee is not included in the Garden's fee, but I think it's worth paying the extra money. In the museum you get to see many lovely carpets and garments, as well as accessories and mainly decorative objects. Apart from that, they have some weapons on display. I think it's really interesting to visit it. [more ]

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Marrakech/Jardin Majorelle and Islamic Art Museum Marrakech
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