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Cathedral of Granada

5.0 stars


The Cathedral and the Royal Chapel

The Cathedral in Granada was spectacular, both up close and from a distance. It is so large that it is easy to identify from the Mirador San Nicolás. If you enjoy architecture, I wouldn't miss this. The cathedral is done in Renaissance style and is beautifully decorated from floor to ceiling.

I also enjoyed the Capilla Real, which adjoins the Cathedral. The Capilla Real was designed to be the mausoleum of the famous King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain. The monarchs lie in lead coffins beneath their marble monuments in the Capilla Real. The Capilla Real also houses a museum, which I found to be well worth my time. [more ]

Surprising Granada´s Cathedral

After visiting the Alhambra I did not expect to find such an unique building in Granada like the Cathedral. I did hire the audio guide but it was a bit heavy in the content, very specific descriptions of art that was rather boring at times. They also had a group guide available so I end up shutting down the recording and following the group around to get more of a general and historical information from the guide. The highlight of this cathedral is the unusual five naves and a circular main chapel. You will notice that the spaces tend to be more wide than long. For those who are interested in Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic styles this cathedral would be a discovery. [more ]


Granada has a lovely cathderal that can be found in the Muslim part of town. This cathderal is like a museum. That’s what it seemed to me, because it is full of statues, lovely paintings and there is art everywhere. What I most liked were the busts of Adam and Eve, but there are other very interesting works of art. The cathedral also hosts a royal chapel, built for the tombs of the royal family. The cathedral also hosts a museum, which is rather small, but also worth seeing. I liked this cathedral a lot and recommend a visit to all that are interested in art and history. [more ]

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